Our League

The Athens Area Men's Baseball League is a private, non-profit baseball league. Its members are men, ages eighteen to eighty, from all walks of life who desire to continue their passion for the game beyond Little League, High School and/or Collegiate levels. We aim to play true classic baseball by playing nine inning games with wood bats. AAMBL strives to provide its members and fans with a strong internal organization, a high level of competition, and an all around fun atmosphere for every baseball lover.

The Players

The 18+ League, or "OPEN" division, boasts players from 18 years old to well into their 40's. The average age of players is 23.7 years of age. Players in this league are comprised mostly of ex-high school players from all over the State of Georgia and beyond. Many have college experience and some haven't played since little league. Estimates say most pitchers throw in the upper 70's, while a few are consistently in the lower to mid 80's an occasional pitcher can reach the high 80's and even 90mph. Most players who have high school experience or better do well in this league. However, many players with less experience have enjoyed excellent success.

When, Where, and How Often Do We Play?

The season begins in April and winds down in mid-August. Each team plays once per week. The games are played on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday Nights at 7:30pm. All games are played at Thomas N. Lay Park located near Downtown Athens, with brand new lights, a working scoreboard and a PA announcer. The field is situated on Monroe Street, which is off of College Avenue and behind the Lyndon House Art Museum. We hold a playoff for qualifying teams. Most teams also try to practice once per week as well.

How Much? Where Does My Money Go?

The fee for joining the league is $225 per player. Since we are a private organization, we must lease our field from the city. Other costs include the hiring of umpires, the cost of baseballs, field maintanence, advertising, and general operational costs such as printing flyers, player contracts, schedules, banking fees, attorney costs, etc. The fees are due in full the day of the draft. Please make checks payable to: AAMBL. The League fee does not cover the cost of uniforms. Uniforms are the responsibility of each team. Some teams hold fundraisers and/or obtain sponsorship money to cover the cost of uniforms, some teams divide these costs amongst its players.

Waiver & Release of Liability

The AAMBL Waiver can be downloaded here in DOCX or PDF format.

How Do I Become a Member?

It's easy, simply contact the league by phone or email and tell us you would like to attend. Contact the league to get on our draft list and learn the time and location. Anyone wishing to tryout MUST be registered with the league prior to tryouts. Please arrive early enough to fill out paperwork, pay fees and get warmed up prior to the start of the tryout. Draft day will consist of some infield and outfield drills as well as batting from a live pitcher or pitching machine. Draftees may only have time for one defensive position. Pitchers and catchers will be evaluated separately, usually towards the end of the tryout. Immediately following the tryout, the coaches will convene to select players. Each team or the league will contact the selected players.

Contact the league by phone: 706.207.8939 or by email: peterthorne@charter.net.